Friday, June 17, 2011

SPM 1119/1 Continuous Writing - Narrative

Write a story with the following ending: "... I felt I was the luckiest person alive."

Sunlight filtered through the window blinds and as I took a peek at the world outside, the skies were charmingly blue. It was as if Mother Nature was welcoming me home after a long stay in the hospital. A sudden gush of emotions swept through me as I packed my bags together with my family members to leave the hospital. My excitement was hard to contain as I took my first step into the outside world.

It took one accident to change my perspective of life. The day it happened was my birthday, 21 st June. After having a grand celebration together with my family and friends, I drove back home alone. As I was driving smoothly on the paved road, a truck suddenly swerved into my path and the vehicles collided with much force. Later, someone said that I was thrown forward while the truck driver was unhurt. It was the truck driver who sent me to the hospital to receive treatment.

The next day, I woke up with my mother sitting at my bedside. The hospital had contacted her the previous day. She caressed my hair and told me I had crushed ribs and a broken femur. I had to be hospitalised for a few months. After delivering the news, mum comforted me and gave me words of strength. Knowing that I would like to have some time alone, she patted me on my shoulder before leaving the ward.

As soon as mum had left, tears started flowing uncontrollably when the harsh fact sank in. I was going to spend a few months of my life here in the hospital, unable to work or travel. My life was too short to do anything really bad and I am a good person, why must God treat me like this? These thoughts kept swirling in my head and depression soon followed suit. Family members and friends noticed the drastic change in my personality and tried to life my spirits, but their attempts were futile. I was in a world of my own, with misery as my only companion.

One day, as I peered down the streets and admired the lives of people outside the ward, a family of four begging caught my eye. They wore ragged clothings and looked thin and scrawny. This sight brought me to my senses. Why should I waste my life and let depression chain my soul? If there are many less fortunate people in the world and yet they can go on with their lives, why should not I feel grateful for all that I have?

Since then, I started to appreciate all the small yet wonderful things happening around me. The soft rays of the sunlight, the blooming flowers outside the window and the swaying of trees outside in sync with the wind soothes my senses. The beauty of Mother Nature mesmerised me and kept me in high spirits. Then, I had caring nurses, supportive family members and friends to help me go through this rough patch of my life. I became grateful for all that had happened to me and believed that the accident was a life lesson that ought to be learnt.

Besides, my time in hospital was spent beneficially reading self-help books. These books not only increased my knowledge but also helped me to gain wisdom. As such, I felt an enthusisastic spirit in me ready to return to the challenging world of the 21st century. I was more prepared mentally to resume my life as a university student.

My dream finally came true. I was finally discharged from the hospital. Although I did not fancy the healing process, valuable life lessons were learnt. As I walked into the outside world together with the ones I loved, I could only conclude that everything happens for a reason. I felt I was the luckiest person alive.

Woon Lee Lee

Form 4K1/2011, MGSS Melaka