Friday, June 3, 2011

SPM 1119/1 Continuous Writing - Write a story beginning with "Tia was nervous as she opened the envelope..."

Tia was nervous as she opened the envelope the contents of which might change her life forever. Her hands were shaking and trembling so much so that she dropped it on the floor. Her parents looked at her anxiously. Madam Rita, her mother, had tears in her eyes; she felt helpless as she watched Tia opening the medical report.

Tia took out the letter and stood stock still after reading it. Tears welled in her eyes. She was devastated and slumped to the floor as soon as she comprehended that she had a tumour in her brain. The tunour was malignant and was at stage three. Her parents' were broken hearted Tia their only daughter had contracted this dreaded disease. They went to the best doctors and consulted them but they told them there was nothing they could do to help.

Tia felt as if her world was falling apart. Her 17 years of life would soon end in just about three months' time. As she went home, she cried to sleep in the car on her mother's lap. She could not believe that this might be the only chance to spend time with her mother and father. Before falling asleep, she whispered to her mother, "I love you, mummy." She said this to her mother in case she might not awake forever. Both her parents felt sad and depressed; her mother sobbed uncontrollably as if her heart was shattering into a million pieces. She did not have the will to see her only daughter die at this young age. Her heart ached and she could not do anything but pray that a miracle would happen.

The next day, Tia went to school. She sat in the middle of her group of best friends. They were all anxious to know about her well-being. Tia dropped the bombshell on them. All of them fell silent. Her friends Mei Ting, Lavitha and Zarita broke down into a flood of tears whereas the male friends looked hapless, at a loss for words and their mouths were gaping. They were looking at her incredulously. Tia felt very touched and told her friends not to cry because she had expected her fate and she wanted to spend her limited time on earth to the fullest.

Tia could not bring herself to tell her boyfriend, Ryan about her illness. She loved him so much that she broke off their relationship in fear that Ryan would be broken hearted by her death. Ryan was shocked and he continued calling and sending her text messages to ask for the reason she broke off with him. She ignored all his calls and messages as she thought that it was for his own good. After a while. Ryan gave up on her; he stopped contacting her as she never responded to him.

As the days flew past, Tia grew weaker and weaker. Her face was always pale and she often had spasms of pain in her head. The doctors gave her some morphine to stop the pain but she was suffering from the excruciating pain. She no longer went to school but all her friends visited her to keep her company. Despite being very sick, Tia always smiled at her friends because she wanted her happy face to be imprinted in their memories. Her friends always cracked jokes when they visited her just to cheer her up.

One day, Tia had an unexpected visitor - Ryan. He had foud out about her illness and was angry at her for not telling him the truth. He firmly told her that he would stick through thick and thin with her. From that day onwards, Ryan became her regular visitor. He often brought his guitar with him and sang all her favourite sonfs. Occasionally, she would sing with him. Their eyes would reflect sorrow but both of them did not show it. Whenever, she had a bad bout of pain, Ryan would hold her hand and murmur soothing words to her. Tia felt very lucky to have such a truly loyal boyfriend. She was really glad to have a family to support her, friends to cherish her and a boyfriend to comfort her.

Two months later, Tia's condition was becoming critical. She could no longer talk as she had difficulties in breathing. She was admitted to the hospital. Her parents, Ryan and her friends surrounded her bed in the ward. They knew that it was just a matter of time before Tia breathed her last. Tia's face was chalky while her lips were bluish and she had dark circles unfdr her eyes. She used her little energy that was left to tell her parents to always remember her and not to be sad with her passing. She then whispered to her friends to treasure their lives and not waste time, not even for a minute. Finally, she looked at Ryan. Words failed her. She was gasping for air; death was welcoming her to the afterworld.

Ryan could not control himself. He broke down into fits of sobs. Her final words to him the day before was, "I wish I could be with you forever."

Tia died on that day. All of them present at her passing learnt a lesson to always enjoy life and fill it with good things for death could come knocking unexpectedly, irrespective of one's age.

Hi May Yin (Form 5K1/2011, MGSS Melaka)

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